BVVL International was founded as an aid to anyone interested in uncovering the mystery of Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome and ultimately,
in finding a cure.

Signing "I love you" to Mom

Chris on the right with his older brother

Playing tee-ball

Chris's Mom signing "I love you" to him

Chris being silly

Chris in the bath

To the right is a picture Christopher's mother took of him in October 2008.

Every day for him took more courage than any of us could ever imagine.

Reading letters in the hospital

Christopher was born a healthy, vibrant boy on July 5, 1989 - until he was 12.  In February of 2002, after a sudden onslaught of debilitating symptoms, he was diagnosed with BVVL.

Chris died in 2011, after waiting nearly a decade for a treatment.